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There are so many avenues that can be taken in surmising what all of us have been enduring since March 13, depending on what state of mind your currently in and (with all the “spare time to fill” what conspiracy theory sparked a moment of consideration before shaking it off and blaming everything on “Aliens “. All I really am sure of as I sit here assembling words and thoughts and place them here for all to consider is that five months ago on January 28, over a 109,000 of us gathered in Wildwood, NJ to welcome and support President Trump . The whole afternoon and evening, walking up and down Atlantic Avenue biding our time until the Man of the Evening arrived, My wife and I any our friends that came down for the event, were greeted by everyone we passed with a smile or a hello, in addition to an awareness of the extremely positive vibe that was in the air. What the Hell happened? Am I possibly in a comatose state from some freak accident in which something fell on my head during my sleep causing hallucinations of the nations unbelievable economy, the stock market boom, Rally’s every night, and the upcoming election posed to be another win for our president, who you recall was just found innocent of the trumped up falsified allegations the Democrats created to attempt an impeachment. Which makes me have to wonder: Could this pandemic we have all been placed into a unwanted holding pattern until the Mighty Establishment completes whatever twisted alternative, and rather more diabolical may I add, plan to completely destroy everything Donald Trump had done to “Make America Great Again” and possibly begin the population control scheme discussed in Plan 21, all in an effort to once and for all gain control of the election in November? If I could humbly make a request, could we start again please from that evening at the rally and pay closer attention to what was occurring at the same time the Democratic circus was diverting our attention with the daily impeachment drama as the seeds were being placed which would bloom into a well planned and thoroughly marketed pandemic - A guaranteed tactic to allow for “resetting the playing field”. Stay focused, stay positive, stay vigilant.